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Kandy Holidays, Sri Lanka

Kandy Holidays

No stay in Sri Lanka is complete without a trip to Kandy. On arrival, you are suddenly struck by its awe-inspiring natural beauty, where long winding passages of untouched rainforest are home to an impressive assortment of plant and wildlife. This region is a biodiversity hotspot; so rich is the range of species which can be observed in the area, local sanctuaries draw an untold number of visitors to Kandy on their Sri Lanka Holidays every year.

One of Sri Lanka's cultural & historical hot spots

The last capital of the ancient kings' era of Sri Lanka, cultural and historical highlights in Kandy are abundant. When you're not enjoying all the comforts of one of our Hotels in Kandy, you can look forward to discovering the ancient history of this country, intertwined with British Colonialism and dating back to the 14th Century. Visitors also have the opportunity to visit the Temple of the Tooth, an astonishing 16th century Temple containing what is believed to be the tooth of the Buddha, and home to a shrine decorated in solid gold. It is said to be one of the holiest places of worship and pilgrimage for Buddhists around the world

Aside from exploring the hustle and bustle of the city, about 5.5 km to the west of Kandy the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens provides a superb outing opportunity. With over 147 acres to explore the Gardens are so remarkable, their beauty still astounds even the local Sri Lankans. Also within easy reach is the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. One of Sri Lanka's 7 world heritage sites, which still continues to reveal its hidden secrets with more and more cave paintings discovered every day.

Explore Sri Lanka from our Kandy Hotels

The list doesn't end there; we have hardly scratched the surface. Tea plantations are abundant, and there is due opportunity to sample some - and even take some home. Whether you are looking to go sightseeing, if you are interested in history, interested in animals or just enjoy being blown away, then a Kandy Holiday is the perfect choice for you.

Weather and Climate

Sri Lanka has a typically tropical climate, temperature and humidity (approx 70%) remain high all year round, although on the coast a light coastal breeze makes this heat comfortable. Inland, the heat is significantly reduced due to the higher altitude. Rainfall is highest in May, and in Oct/Nov. The south-western coast has higher rainfall than the rest of the country, although many people find this a refreshing break, generally this occurs in the afternoon and is accompanied by thunder. The highest rainfall occurs in May (371mm) and the lowest is Feb (69mm). There is an average of 6-8 hours of sunshine per day, all year round.

Sri Lanka Temperatures

Why holiday in Kandy?

Kandy has many highlights, including:

  • The Ancient Capital of Sri Lanka
  • Home of the Temple of the Tooth Relic
  • UNESCO world heritage site

Kandy Fact File

  • Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee
  • Average Flying time: 10-14 hours
  • Minimum temperature: 29°C
  • Maximum temperature: 31°C
  • Spoken Language(s): Sinhala, Tamil, English
  • Visa (UK Passport Holders): Sri Lanka has introduced a compulsory visa for all visitors which can be issued before travel or on arrival. We would strongly recommend that these are purchased prior to travel either by calling "The Travel Visa Company" on 01270 250590 and quoting Mercury Holidays, who will be happy to arrange this for you at the cost of a visa plus a small admin fee or by going onto directly. (Children under the age of 12 will also require a visa and this can be done at the time of parents/guardians visa application)

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