Kenya, Africa

Kenya Holidays

Located on the East Coast of Africa, Kenya's blazing sunsets stretching over its inviting crystal-clear waters and powder soft sands will entice sun-worshippers all year round. A land of outstanding diversity, Kenya's captivating landscape, prosperous wildlife and rich cultural splendour provides endless opportunities for guests of this magnificent country.

There's so much to explore on a holiday to Kenya

In the midst of Africa, experience rugged terrain and expansive plains on an enthralling Safari, uncovering the land's prosperous wildlife roaming freely across their utopian home, or alternatively, delve into the depths of the tempting turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean to explore vibrant coral reefs which protectively shelter Kenya's exquisite shorelines, fringed with swaying palm trees; Snorkelling offers a perfect opportunity to witness an underwater kingdom of thriving marine life.

As diverse as its landscape, Kenyan gastronomy fluctuates from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, providing a wealth of specialist regional dishes offering your palate an explosion of exotic tastes and smells. With fresh vegetables and natural ingredients at its core, sample fresh cuisine procured from various street markets or local restaurants on your exploration of authentic Kenyan food.

Boasting a tropical climate on the coast and with comfortable sea temperatures and soothing breezes, coastal resorts deliver immaculate conditions for a relaxing beach stay, if you prefer to take it easy on your holiday. Soft rustles of coconut palms and rolling waves caressing the sandy shores, both contribute to Kenya's harmonious soundtrack, a tranquil paradise for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Kenya's picture-perfect notoriety, rustic charm and charming landscape make this the perfect tranquil holiday destination.

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