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Turkey Holidays

Turkey boasts incredible landscapes and natural wonders. It is most commonly known as a great destination for relaxing beach holidays but it also offers many sporting activities, some of the world's most important ancient monuments and a delicious national cuisine.

What to see in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with its rich culture and fascinating history, this destination provides its visitors with something new every time they visit. From the magnificence of the Blue Mosque and Dolmabahce Palace to Galata Tower, Turkey is teeming with adventure everywhere you turn!

The world-famous Blue Mosque opened in 1616 and is renowned for its tower-like minarets and collection of domes. Built to rival the Byzantine structure of Hagia Sofia, the complex was constructed around an enormous internal courtyard featuring flowers and garlands, it is also home to over 20,000 delicate blue Iznik tiles placed in intricate patterns, hence the name ‘Blue Mosque’.

Home to the Sultans between 1856 and 1922, the Dolmabahce Palace is the epitome of opulence with European stylings influencing the exterior and mid-Victorian luxury taking centre stage throughout the interior rooms – Queen Victoria even gifted the Sultans the world’s largest chandelier; adorned with gilt, marble, and crystal.

If you’re wanting to capture the perfect panoramic short of Istanbul, then head to The Galata Tower. With no booking required, it’s the perfect place to visit and experience the history of the city. With nine stories to explore and organised like a museum, there’s plenty for you to discover throughout your visit. Constructed in 1348, it was once the tallest structure in the city for centuries and still dominates the skyline north of the Golden Horn.

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