Early Holiday Booking

Our brochures are usually launched a minimum of six months before departure and in some cases even a year in advance.

Flight Costs

All airlines have different levels of seat prices which are dependant on how far in advance of the departure date the seats are booked. The price increases as each block of seats is sold until the aircraft is full. Our brochure prices are based on the lowest seat prices and when these are sold our computer system will automatically search for the next level of fare available from that airline. This extra cost will be reflected in the price quoted to you by our reservations consultants or in your online booking. These different levels of seat prices can put as much as £200-£300 on the cost which is why our flight supplements are always quoted as “from” a particular figure and is why, at the time of booking, the price quoted may be higher than that in the brochure.

Hotel Costs

Our hotel costs, on the other hand, do not vary according to the time you book your holiday as these have been contracted at fixed rates. As we buy our currency in advance we also do not charge any currency surcharges.

There are, however, instances where our special offers have run out due to high demand and in these instances you will be offered the same holiday without those special offers.

The offer that usually runs out first is that offering no single supplement. While we endeavour to satisfy our clients who seek the benefit of our offers, the supply is not limitless and they tend to sell out quickly.

With regard to airfares and our special offers it pays to book early.