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Croatia is one of Europe's top beach destinations and has become increasingly popular over recent years. A secret known only to locals until the 90s, Croatia is becoming increasingly popular with holiday makers looking to escape to its beautiful shores throughout the summer. Croatia has much more to offer though than just sea and sunshine, the country is renowned for its picturesque walled towns and cities, unspoiled national parks and mouth-watering cuisine. A historical treasure trove, Croatia has an impressive seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites within its borders. It really is a flawless mix between old and new with up-to-date tourist attractions positioned side by side to museums, cathedrals, and Roman ruins.

Things to do in Croatia

Croatia has a rich and vibrant history, located at the crossroads of central and south east Europe, many civilizations, from the Greeks and Romans to Ottomans, have left their mark with incredible architecture, art and culture. The old city of Dubrovnik is a particular highlight, this medieval walled city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can lose yourself amongst its cobble stone streets, cathedrals, fortresses, towers and fortifications.

One of the most biodiverse countries in Europe and offering everything from Mediterranean to Alpine scenery, Croatia is a must for Nature lovers. Plitvice National Park, a forested area in the central part of the country is famed for its 16 emerald-blue lakes connected by a string of incredible waterfalls. Enjoy a slow-paced stroll around the park by footpaths and wooden bridges and admire at the unspoiled nature the park has to offer.

With over 1,000 miles of beautiful coastline (over 3,500 miles if you count the islands) Croatia is a beach lovers paradise. The Adriatic Sea in Croatia is warm and inviting and offers incredible bathing opportunities. With hundreds of beaches to pick from, including those which hardly see any visitors, the only question when you are there will be to ask which one today?

Croatian Food & Drink

The cuisine of Croatia is so diverse, there are an endless number of dishes to discover. Throughout the years - Turks, Austrians, Hungarians, Venetians have been and gone and left their own personal touches resulting in the cuisine Croatia offers today. Located on the other side of the Adriatic Sea from Italy it is unsurprising that pasta dishes feature strongly on menus as well as stews, from spicy meats, to fish or vegetable. First time visitors should try a bowl of Brudet, a fish stew traditionally cooked over a hot fire made using local fishermen's catch of the day in a vinegar and tomato base. Follow this with a plate of Black Risitto, locally known as Crni Rizot, its black colour is created using squid ink, which gives the risotto an amazing seafood flavour.

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