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What to wear in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most sought out holiday destinations not just on the Middle Eastern Gulf but in the world. When it comes to escaping to a faraway land of sun, sea and sand, Dubai is considered by many travellers to be the go-to holiday destination.

Although it is extremely common for people to book their holiday breaks for the summer season, it’s becoming increasingly popular to plan ahead for the colder winter months too, with many holiday goers fleeing their home country for warmer, more fulfilling climates.

What to wear in Dubai

Dress for the weather 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Dubai is known as one of the most luxurious and exciting places to holiday in the UAE. This could be for many reasons including the vast array of shopping malls to visit, its cosmopolitan skyline that can be enjoyed from day to night, not to mention its unmistakable mixture of culture and architecture. And with highs of up to 36 degrees Centigrade like there is in Dubai, who could blame a person for wanting to get away from their daily routine and sun themselves on those white sandy beaches?

Given the weather in most Arab states, the expectations to dress in a particular way is something that can often bring up discussions and sometimes concerns. The country does have extremely high temperatures, however, there are still strict rules to abide by so not to offend this Islamic state on the whole.

What to wear in Dubai

Be respectful 

As religion is so very important among the Middle Eastern citizens, if you’re planning to soak up the Arabic culture and visit a temple during your visit, it pays to be respectful and ensure knees, shoulders and legs are all covered up. If there is a polite request sign posted for you to wear respectful clothing, it would definitely be of benefit to pay attention to this. Also, try not to wear any ‘see-through’ clothing when in public places as showing the skin can offend people who live in any UAE Emirate region. 

What to wear in Dubai

You will find that comfortable clothing can be equally as stylish as some of the more restricting types of fashion which might come as a surprise. There are many online retailers such as Eclat and Lomar Thobe as well as high-profile designers like Stephane Rolland who stock loose-fitted, cool clothing that wouldn’t look out of place worn in Dubai.

To summarise, be mindful of the rules and regulations that apply when you’re in Dubai. If you would like further information dressing in Dubai here are some Dubai’s dress code; dos and don’ts, otherwise explore and enjoy yourself whilst on your holiday in Dubai!

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