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What to wear in Kerala

Kerala is a beautiful Indian destination; with stunning coastlines, a wide range of culture to explore and exciting wildlife to meet your holiday will be packed full of last memories. One of the best ways to ensure each moment is enjoyed to its fullest is to be prepared, that includes packing the right clothes and knowing what to wear around Kerala.

At the resort

In your hotel or around where you are staying, in general it is fine to dress however you wish, hotels are geared towards western visitors so will welcome sunbathers in beach wear. This means shorts and more revealing clothes may be worn within the enclosed grounds of your resort. They can also recommend tourist beaches where you can relax in the sun without fear of offending the local people.

What to wear in Kerala

In town

Whilst there are no laws on what you can and can’t wear around Kerala you will want to avoid making locals feel uncomfortable by following the cultural norms on dressing. A sari is the most common item worn by women, whilst you won’t be expected to don this traditional attire women should try follow the same basic principles by covering the legs and shoulders, and avoiding tight-fitting, revealing clothes. Men should follow the same guidelines and wear loose cotton trousers to stay cool, instead of shorts.

The strong influence of tourism and western visitors to Kerala makes it one of the most relaxed places when looking at attitudes towards dress so you may find a lot of restaurants and beaches where these conventions have been forgotten. However it is still best to err on the side of caution and maintain a respectful appearance.

What to wear in Kerala

It is recommended if you travel out of the town and to remote beaches in areas that have not had as strong a western influence you are particularly respectful and keep a t-shirt and sarong on when entering the water to still avoid exposing too much skin.

To stay cool in the hot weather we’d recommend you opt for cotton or other light materials, that will prevent you from feeling overheated even whilst wearing longer clothes. If you are struggling in the heat look at what the locals wear and the materials they choose, you could even pick up some cover-up items from a local market that are made especially for the climate.

What to wear in Kerala

At the temple

This is undoubtedly the most important time to be aware of the local dress code in order to ensure you do not offend anyone. It is essential both women and men cover their legs with long trousers or skirts, shoulders and flesh must also be covered and shoes removed before entering any religious temple

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