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What to wear in Mauritius

One of the most challenging parts of preparing for your holiday is knowing what to pack. You can’t take your entire wardrobe halfway across the world with you, but how can you narrow down your choices to just the essentials. Turn up to Mauritius in style, and fit in with the locals seamlessly with this guide of the best of what to wear in Mauritius.


Pack plenty of swimwear and beach clothes for when you want to relax by the pool or go for a dip in the sea.  Be respectful and try to make sure your swimwear is modest, a two-piece is more than ok but pack a cover-up or sarong (different ways of wearing a Sarong) for travelling to and from the beach. Due to the heat and intense sun during the day it is essential that a high factor sunscreen is also worn at all times.

What to wear in Mauritius


The first hurdle to cross is what to wear travelling to and from your destination. England can be cold and rainy, whilst Mauritius boasts a fairly tropical climate with highs of around 28°C in the summer months (November-April). To make this transition without any cold walks to the airport or uncomfortable overheating on the way to your hotel it’s best to stick to lightweight, loose clothing.

Aim for something comfortable for the plane, like a pair of linen trousers, and layer your top half with a t-shirt and cardigan that can be stashed away in a handbag upon reaching your destination. Make sure a hat to protect your head from the sun and some sunglasses are close to hand in your carry-on luggage for those first moments out of the airport.

What to wear in Mauritius

Daytime excursions

If you are visiting religious or spiritual sites then it is important to wear appropriate clothing; this means covering your shoulders as well as making sure to wear long shorts or trousers. It is also important to remove all leather shoes and belts before entering any of these places, if you are unsure ask your hotel or local guide before setting off. Some light layers to cover-up when the sun becomes intense around midday is important if you can’t find some shade, so pack a hat and a loose shawl to cover your shoulders and protect yourself.

Comfortable shoes are also a must-have item; flip flops are great for walking short distances or on the beach but if you’re planning on covering some distance opt for some more supportive sandals or shoes that will keep your feet cool but blister-free. 


The evenings in Mauritius will be a lot cooler, especially in the winter months, than you might expect. Perfect for getting an uninterrupted night’s sleep but this does mean you’ll need to remember a lightweight cardigan or jacket to take out in the evening. If you’re going for dinner restaurants tend to be causal so a summer dress for women and trousers with a short-sleeved shirt for males will be sufficient. Women will find high-heels impractical for sandy paths so save room in your case by not taking any you won’t wear and prioritise flip flops, sandals and other flat shoes.

What to wear in Mauritius 

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