Italy, Europe

Italy Escorted Tours

Famed for beautiful architecture, mouth-watering food and one of the most romantic languages on the planet, Italy is a slice of heaven on Europe’s doorstep meaning that an escorted tour to some of the most iconic locations in the country is an experience of a lifetime. With incredible sites such as the three stunning lakes of the Borromean Islands and the Renaissance city of Turin; home to magnificent royal palaces, historic cafés and charming boulevards to the glorious mountains of Monte Rosa and the Alpine village of Macugnaga teeming with quaint houses and delightful streets filled with shops and restaurants - there is something for everyone in this mesmerising country.

In addition to the incredible mainland of Italy, the autonomous region of Sicily is home to a selection of truly spectacular sites, including Agrigento’s incredible Valley of Temples, Europe’s highest smouldering volcano, Mount Etna and Sicily’s second-largest city, Catania with its Piazza Duomo and collection of grey baroque buildings that wear the effects of a substantial volcanic eruption in 1669.