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Escorted Tours of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Escorted Tours

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Uzbekistan and the Silk Route

  • Explore cosmopolitan Tashkent
  • Visit the colossal Kalta Minor Minaret
  • Discover Bukhara, Central Asia's holiest city
  • Visit the ruins of Tamerlane's Ak Saray Palace
  • Gaze at Registan square
  • and more...

Uzbekistan Tours - Essential Information

When you visit Uzbekistan, these are the facts and useful information you need to know…

Flight Time to Uzbekistan
Flight Time

7 hours

Vise Required for Uzbekistan
Visa required?


Population of Uzbekistan

30.7 million

Capital city of Uzbekistan
Capital City


Currency of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistani s'om

Uzbekistan Time Difference
Local Time

GMT + 4 hours

Spoken Language of Uzbekistan
Spoken Language


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